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Our Mahi

Tū Mai Rā Investments brings together an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, investment and asset management expertise and a strong commitment to grow iwi wealth and aspirations.

Tū Mai Rā Investments partners with local, national and international businesses to work on innovative projects and solutions.

Tū Mai Rā Investment works to forward the goal of Rangitāne of growing wealth with:

  • a commercial investment board rich in experience and results;
  • an appropriate asset base growth model with annually agreed performance targets and measures;
  • ratios of capital set and maintained to total assets at a level that enables protection and growth;
  • nurturing commercial relationships where great leverage or risk mitigation is achieved; and
  • Rangitāne as a vibrant social hub.

The commercial and financial assets of Tū Mai Rā Investments include:

Tū Mai Rā Investments additionally seeks business opportunities via joint venture relationships that offer innovative solutions and/or offer products and services that are unique to the market.

Nationally Tū Mai Rā Investments is partnering with other Māori and Non-Māori businesses on new and innovative commercial ventures.

Miro Limited Partnership - Blueberries

Blueberries: Tū Mai Rā Investments has invested into the Miro Limited Partnership. The Miro Limited Partnership enables Māori entities to invest as a group into the full blueberry value chain from owning the plant variety rights, to growing and marketing blueberries. These blueberries are grown under tunnels, in fertigated pots and in controlled conditions.


Tū Mai Rā Investment’s role is managing the commercial contract with Juken New Zealand Limited (JNL), assessing other potential commercial forestry opportunities and developing a long-term Forestry Management Plan the Trust.


Tū Mai Rā Investments joined a collaboration of 27 Māori and Non-Māori owned companies, Trusts and private businesses called MIHI (Movers In Hemp Innovation), to investigate the potential of Hemp.

The collaboration includes Rua Bioscience, the first company in New Zealand to qualify for a medicinal cannabis license and Kanapu Hemp Food Limited, a Hawkes Bay company that has a license to grow hemp and import hemp seed.