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Whenua Plan

A Three Generation Plan | Volume 1


Rangitāne obtained a number of property assets through Te Tiriti o Waitangi settlement process in 2017.

Tū Mai Rā Investments (TMRI) was established to receive and manage Te Tiriti settlement assets on behalf of Rangitāne. TMRI’s role is to sustainably grow the assets of Rangitāne in order to achieve the vision it seeks for its people. Some property assets carry particular cultural significance, others allow access to significant natural resources, while others were offered to Rangitāne for their development,
lease or sale potential.

TMRI engaged done. to develop a Whenua Plan. The purpose of the plan is to consider options for each of Te Tiriti o Waitangi settlement properties and provide a recommendation for the action which best responds to the context of each property while growing the social, cultural, environmental and economic health of Rangitāne whenua and whānau. Volume 1 addresses Te Tiriti settlement properties. Subsquent volumes may involve sites owned by Rangitāne Rūnanga or sites of significance that are not yet owned by Rangitāne.

The intention is to build a long-term plan for Rangitāne whenua. When considering the length of time that the plan should consider, the team at done. heard a repeated sentiment from Rangitāne whānau; that any action or inaction would impact themselves, their children and their children’s children. Based upon Aotearoa’s average lifespan (82 years) and average age of having a first child (30 years), this sees the Three Generation Whenua Plan spanning through to 2132, 112 years from 2020. This exercise has highlighted the timespan which we must consider if we truly are considering ‘our children and children’s children’ in the actions we take today.

This document is provided to the TMRI Board and Rangitāne whānau for consideration and feedback.

View the PDF of the Whenua Plan here.

View PDF of Whenua Plan
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